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Ing. Jan Papuga, PhD.

Curriculum Vitae

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Personal details:
Born: 2. 7. 1975 in Bohumín (Czech Republic)
Family: married, 3 sons
Contact: Address: Pod Valy 314, 686 04 Kunovice, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 737 977 741
Skype: pragtic
1993 - 1999 CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – graduated with honor in Applied Mechanics
1999 - 2006 CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – postgraduate study with theme "Mapping of Fatigue Damages – Program Shell of FE-calculation"
Work Experience:
1998 Aero Vodochody, Inc. (6 weeks) – set up of load spectra for engine bed and undercarriage of Ae270 aircraft
1999 – 2004 ŠKODA VÝZKUM s.r.o. (extern work) – computational methods of fatigue analysis, software implementations
1999 – 2000 Czech Academy of Science, Institute of Thermomechanics – (part-time job) – software implementation of Armstrong-Frederick's plasticity model
1999 – 2001 CTU in Prague - development of software for fatigue life analysis (part-time job), teaching seminars on Strength and Elasticity, FEM, Cyclic Strength and Durability, Computer Nets and Services
2001 – 2003 Charles University in Prague - civil service duty (as an option instead of military duty)
2003 – 2004 Kappa 77, Inc. (ultralight airplanes) – design engineer, FE-analyst
2004 Charles University in Prague (half-time job) – administrator of web pages, technical support
2005 - 2006 ŠKODA VÝZKUM s.r.o. – market research concerning the FEM fatigue postprocessors, testing of the chosen application and its introduction into the company
2006 - Evektor s.r.o. – fatigue, FE-analysis, care for several international projects
2006 - CTU in Prague – fatigue analysis using PragTic and related research
fluent English
active Russian, French
good passive German
Work with computer:
OS: UNIX, MS Windows
Office: MS Office
Graphics: Corel Draw, Photopaint
CAD: AutoCad, Mechanical Desktop
programming: C/C++, C++Builder, Fortran, Pascal, HTML
fatigue analysis: FemFat, PragTic (see for a free download)
Other: driving license for passenger cars
Interests: trekking (diary of our expedition to Kamchatka in 2001 in Czech only), ceramics, classic dance

Research Grants

Holder of:

  • (2011-2014) - FADOFF - Fatigue Analysis Documentation Office [TA01011274]
  • (2007-2009) - Development and Analysis of Criteria for Description of High-Cycle Fatigue Caused by Multiaxial Loading (Czech Science Foundation - Project GACR 101/07/P350)
  • (2001) - Software Development for Fatigue Damage Analysis and Visualisation of Results [FRVŠ 1839/2001]
  • (2000) - Software Development Aimed to Fatigue Damage Computing in Cases of Complicated Loading Combinations and Its Experimental Verification [CTU 300004202]

Title FL_DB

Weld Data

Bike in-service record

Fatigue Strength estimation via Machine Learning methods



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1st Workshop on Thermodynamics of Fatigue Process


Workshop on Computational Fatigue Analysis - Vibration Fatigue Analysis


Workshop on Computational Fatigue Analysis - Paul Heuler's Lectures

Workshop on FKM Guideline on Strength Assessment

Workshop on Design and Fatigue of Weldments

Workshop on Vibration Fatigue Analysis

D&DT for Aircraft Engineers


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