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FABER Project


FABER (FAtigue BEnchmark Repository) Project was established to join fatigue engineers and researchers who agree that the verification of various fatigue prediction models is essential, and who want to help us in reaching our goal. The goal is to build a repository, which allows the users to access quickly reliable experimental data usable for the verification.

Currently, a second version of FABER project managed within the COST project is being prepared. The first version of the project was submitted in September 2019. In the decision delivered by March 25, 2020, the project was rated quite well (40 from 50 points), but it was not financed. The objections of the reviewer are currently the main target in rewriting the project proposal to be submitted by November 13, 2020.

We are inviting all fatigue researchers and engineers who would be interested in joining in the project. A shortened explanation, why your involvement is necessary and what it can bring to you follows in these three presentations:

For engineers:For fatigue solver developers:For researchers:
FABER for engineering sector FABER for fatigue solver developers FABER for academia and research

For a more extended reasoning, check this presentation:

Why is FABER necessary?

Or start to read here on p. 20:

Why is FABER necessary - the paper

All the current activity is trying to establish something new, a body or movement which does not have any predecessor. To reach the goal in this embryonic phase, we opted for submitting the project as a COST Action. This decision brings along some advantages and some limitations. An extremely shortened synopsis of the rules can be found here:

Which rules we have to obey?

If you are new here and you wish to join us, the simplest way is to contact Jan Papuga. It is practical to to join our mail list (note that this is a different mail list than the mail list used for the WCFA workskhops and PragTic-related activities):

Subscribe to our mail list

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FABER Project



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