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FABER Project


FABER (FAtigue BEnchmark Repository) Project was created to join fatigue engineers and researchers who agree that the verification of various fatigue prediction models is essential, and who want to help us in reaching our goal. The goal is to build a repository, which allows the users to access quickly reliable experimental data usable for the verification.

We welcome all people wishing to join our mail list. It is open for members of the FABER project managed within the COST project, but also for people who just want to stay informed about our activity. The COST project was submitted in September 2019, and the decision will be announced by March 25, 2020. Keep us your fingers crossed. Note, that if we succeed in getting the project funded, you can join us in it - the announcement about the decision will be sent to the FABER mail list.

If you wish to join our mail list, press this button (note that this is a different mail list than the mail list used for the WCFA workskhops and PragTic-related activities):

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FABER Project



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