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FinLiv - Database of Finite Lives

NEW: Follow the tutorial on inputting new items (pdf, 13.3 MB).

The FinLiv database available from this website is an elaborated extension of the original FatLim database, which stays focused only on one sole point on the S-N curve - the fatigue limit. In comparison to it, FinLiv includes complete description of the fatigue related experimental data, and allows derivation of the S-N curve (and of e-N curve later) parameters, definition of section points at which the fitted data points are shown. A complete description of finishing manufacturing technology, of the specimen type, load type, waveform, etc. can be included and linked to individual fatigue curves.

The transfer between the old and new databases has not been completed yet. Thus you can access the old data by visiting website. You can still do the most operations concerning their viewing, the edit functions are likely to be non-functional for some time before the transfer will be completed.

It is a bit too much of work for one man. The definition of e-N curve has not been completed yet, so please, if you want to insert some your own data, wait untill I finish it. Meanwhile, I will be very thankful for any comments on the functionality of the new database, for comments on missing items or features and for any report on found bugs.

Jan Papuga

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