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Temporary note: I think you note soon that not all the buttons concerning edition of items work. The managers are able to edit data they inserted before. Nevertheless, the most of the test data are inaccessible for edition to any other user than me (since I have the manager privilege for the most of the items currently here). The full concept of edition will be introduced later. Thus, if you would like to help me and you have an access to the original papers, on which are the particular data based, just write me either to the forum or to the e-mail and I will pass on my manager function of that test group to you.

Jan Papuga

The database currently has a very limited focus. Data presented here relates to fatigue limits of smooth unnotched specimens under combined harmonic or static loading. Later, I plan extension to other load paths and to the notched components.

Hold Shift key if you want to choose a multiple continuous selection. If you would like to pick several isolated choices, hold Ctrl key.

The long Show... buttons show you the overview of all selected experiments with or without the computational results in dependency on calculation methods selected below. The button Show Group will lead you to a dialogue with a precise description of the selected test group. If you are logged in, you can also edit or sign that data there.

Select test group:
Select material:
 1st axial channel (Ax1)2nd axial channel (Ax2)torsion channel (To)
Apply loads:
Mean stress:
 Ax1 v. Ax2Ax2 v. ToTo v. Ax1
Phase shift: degrees degrees degrees
 Select asynchronous loading only
Results of methods:

Sorry, I do not have time enough to provide once again the explanation, which calculation method is defined in which way. If you are interested in the description of individual methods, consult the help of PragTic (available free without any registration). A description of methods and even of their implementation into PragTic can be found there.

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