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FME CTU in Prague

FADOFF - Fatigue Analysis Documentation Office

FADOFF project 2011-2014

FADOFF was an ambitious project based on the previous experience of Jan Papuga on creating and managing experimental fatigue datatabases FatLim and FinLiv. It gained support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, established a short time before the project started; FADOFF belonged to the first round of supported projects. Four institutions joined their strengths in it:

  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Evektor spol. s r.o.
  • VŠB - Technical University in Ostrava
  • Research and Testing Institute Plzeň s.r.o.

Four goals were set in its start:

  • Further development of PragTic fatigue freeware
  • Development of PragTic into a commercial version
  • Creating a FADOFF consortium website with shared databases extending FatLim and FinLiv
  • Summary of benchmarking various fatigue solutions and methods

The bigger goal was to establish an agency in the end, which would gather the experimental data, which are so necessary for any verification and validation, and which are today scattered in so many papers. Their transcription in various publications is often erroneous and there are even cases of data sets, which are far from being the good candidate for any benchmarking, though they are used for that goal.

Various issues emerged during the project duration, as it is common in any other activities of a similar scale. However, the biggest problem was triggered at the very end of the project, when the differing demands and expectation about the project once the project would end resulted in a split among consortium members. The pressure from the donating agency led the members to sign the Agreement on Further Use of Results. The disagreement in opinions, divided shareholding rights to various outputs, the necessity to reach an unanimous agreement to proceed further and the lack of further finances led to complete abandoning of the project. This effectively ended any development activities on PragTic fatigue solver and on FADOFF website as well. Both these tools are doomed to stay at the state as left by December 31, 2014.

FADOFF website

Its website is/was available for use until June 2022. Afterwards, there are no reasons to pay webhosting or domain fees, as no further activity of FADOFF is expected to happen due to issues stated previously.

Its content was based on several sets of SQL tables, interface to which formed the databases of:

  • Database of materials
  • Database of papers focusing fatigue
  • Database of fatigue experiments

As a part of the activities, a VBA-based tool under MS Excel was developed - FinLiv. It serves for aggregating the experimental data and their reduction to a csv file used for their input to the web databases, and also for their further post-processing in other tools.

Some understanding about the content of the website can be derived from this screenshot:

FADOFF website

The continuation?

Well, no reason to hide it: PragTic and FADOFF are dead, and their resurrection is unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, the effort dedicated to bring both projects on the verge of a sustainable life was not lost completely. The findings and experience helped to define a new goal, which continues in some partial efforts and goes beyond the original goals - the FABER project. It tries to establish an international body of cooperating researchers and engineers, who would focus on building the benchmark sets for fatigue analyses. More on this topic can be found on the FABER webpage


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FABER Project



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