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Starting from June 2009, the privileged users and correspondents can add news items to this section. In addition to an existing user account of one of these two types, you have to be logged in to be able to start the insertion process.

I would like to ask everybody who wants to add any item to this section for the first time to read carefully the Rules section.

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Registered users can be informed about any new news item added to the system or edited thanks to the Notification system. The proposition to include them to the e-mail list is shown at this place whenever they are logged in.

How to Prepare News Items


Starting from June 2009, privileged users and correspondents can input news into the news system. I would like to ask you to adhere to several basic rules of publishing here:

  • Put in only news that matter to the audience of this specific website, i.e. it should be in some way related to fatigue or to this community.
  • The only language in which the news can be written is English.
  • If you would like to get some response, consider placing your information to the Forum section better.
  • If you only want to refer on some on-coming conference, please use the section Conferences (but check there first that it has not been input yet).
  • It is better to provide links to any more detailed data - the news item has a limited length.
  • You can edit your news anytime later. Remember please nevertheless that some users opted in the notification system getting news by e-mail as well. Anytime you make some change or rewording, the news will be sent to them again. So, please, try to make everything at once and use the edit function only if really necessary.
  • The news system as well as whole website is intended as a support tool for fatigue related research and development. Although the non-profit organisation enclosing it has not been established yet, it does not serve as a money generator. I thus will not allow any obviously commercial reports. If you want to report e.g. on a new release of some commercial fatigue solver, you can do it like that: The new XXX v.7.0 was released yesterday. You can learn more about its new features on
    I understand that the community gathered here can be interested in such an information, but please praise its wonderful new features somewhere else.
  • Your submission will be evaluated by the editorial board first and will be published only afterwards some editor allows it.
  • The editorial board reserves a right to delete or edit the items that are out of the previously defined scope. In case of controversial cases, the content of the news item will be discussed with the author.

Editing Rules

Thanks to the notification system, users can ask for sending the new news of the chosen category to their e-mail box as well. This nevertheless means that there are three different interfaces to one single message. There are:

  • Database representation, where the news is saved directly in the same way as you write it.
  • Browser representation, where the html command in the news are translated, e.g to provide an active link.
  • E-mail representation, where a set of commands translating some of the html commands to common editing items was prepared.

This all means, that if you want to make e.g. an active link, you have to type the html commands directly to the editing window. Allowed html commands follow, use of other html commands is likely to make a mess from your news (and potentially also from the other ones following it as well, so please do not use anything else).

Your inputBrowser will showE-mail will show
<a href="">CTU in Prague</a> CTU in Prague
(an active link to that will be opened in the current sheet if clicked on)
CTU in Prague
(an active link)
<a href="" target="_blank">CTU in Prague</a> CTU in Prague
(an active link to that will be opened in another sheet if clicked on)
CTU in Prague
(an active link)
<a href="diary.php?action=view&news=88">Link to news with ID 88</a> Link to news with ID 88
(an active link to another news with ID=88 - the ID of individual news is located in their heading, when you are logged in)
Link to news with ID 88
(an active link)
This is the end.<br>Here we start again... This is the end.
Here we start again...
This is the end.
Here we start again...
I want to make it <b>bold</b>. I want to make it bold. I want to make it bold.
And now in <i>italics</i>. And now in italics. And now in italics.
What about <b><i>combining it</i></b>? What about combining it? What about combining it?
On special characters: &amp,&gt, etc. On special characters: &,>, etc. On special characters: &amp,&gt, etc.
(i.e. their use is not recommended)

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