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FME CTU in Prague

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The database of conferences is now shared with members of the Czech Society of Mechanics. Thus conferences related to all topics of mechanics can be input.

The database is accessible for editing to all privileged users and correspondents. I would like to ask all users to input the relevant texts without any special characters - only latin1_general fonts are recognized.

Note, please, that if logged in you can also notify others of your presence on a particular conference by clicking the square with S symbol (and cancel it once again by a click on the RS symbol).

Registered users can be informed about any new conference added to the system or edited thanks to the Notification system. The proposition to include them to the e-mail list is shown at this place whenever they are logged in.

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Fatigue Strength estimation via Machine Learning methods



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Workshops on Computational Fatigue Analysis

Workshops on Computational Fatigue Analysis 2023 - FKM Guideline Non-Linear

1st Workshop on Thermodynamics of Fatigue Process

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D&DT for Aircraft Engineers

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