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Is there any collection of examples how to use PragTic?

The only example currently available is in the sectionJob File. There is a complete PragTic task file and description of its content, both concerning the computational analyses of a complete FatLim database. Because of the content, the task is built on isolated points and not on a basis of FEA-solution.

Some overview can be gained from presentation No. 13 presented at WCFA'08 & PUM2.

At this moment, I am not able to provide anything more. The only other solution is a preparation of a training seminar, I assume in two months from the start of the negotiation. Such a training is planned also at the end of WCFA'09 & PUM3 meeting.

Which physical units can I use?

Please, use milimetres [mm] for description of model topology, megapascals [MPa] for stresses and strains leave without units (and not percents). If your input does not conform this requirements, you can still import it as it is and use the Scale function.

Data Import

Can I import data in any ASCII character set?

No, PragTic can recognize only the basic non-multibyte character sets. The Unicode or UTF-8 sets are too complicated - I do not expect to implement their reading at all. Use please the Windows, ISO or other simpler character sets.

I work with ABAQUS - can I import the ASCII *.fil file from it to PragTic?

PragTic started with reading the ASCII *.fil file as the only input possible. This is the reason, why there is this relict in the Import menu. Nevertheless, this way of import is not used for three years at least, which means it does not work - program changed too much. It is probable very well, that the return to it would not take so much time, but it does not seem to be important for users.

How should I generate data for PragTic in ABAQUS?

Zbynek Hruby prepared the description below, how to do this:


The first run of PragTic after an installation leads to the warning:
"Access violation at address 00486585 in module "PragticTic.exe" Read of address 00976E2C"
If you continue, the program starts but in an obviously damaged mode.

This very frequent error is caused by your omission of backslashes after each directory path of WinPragTic.ini. So add them there, if it is like that.

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