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HOT NEWS - January 8, 2014: The material database was switched to passive mode, so no new items can be added. The database is currently being transferred to website. Those users interested in adding new items there will be able to use the same password and username as on website, but wait please till 3rd week of January 2014. After the switch to FADOFF is finished, the usability of the database will increase substantially.


The material database refers on material properties given in various research or technical papers. Privileged users can add their own data to the database. I ask anybody who would be so kind to do that, to insert only data with a full documentation of the original paper, from which it is excerpted. Please, if you have any questions, write me to In case that you would like to insert some larger set of data, the more convenient way could be to send me your file and I will insert it through the import function in the phpMyAdmin program, which I use for management of the database.

Currently, only listing of one material per page is allowed. Although you can select more of them in the next dialogue, only the last one will be shown. The planned enhancement should concern possibility to compare chosen material parameters of more materials - a similar concept can be seen in the FatLim DB database.


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Workshop on Computational Fatigue Analysis - Vibration Fatigue Analysis


Workshop on Computational Fatigue Analysis - Paul Heuler's Lectures

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Workshop on Design and Fatigue of Weldments

Workshop on Vibration Fatigue Analysis

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