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The strain records found below are used for presenting the ideas highlighted within the paper linked below. It shows practical solutions how to recognize stationary blocks within a non-stationary signal, or how to estimate the confidence interval of the resulting damage, which in turn can be used to derive adequate safety factors.

The paper is published in the Open Access scheme, so you are invited to read it.

Jan Papuga (on behalf of the team)

Conditions of Use

In case you decide to use these data items for any your publication, you agree to refer to the original paper, where they are first used:

Marques, J. M. E; Benasciutti, D.; Papuga, J.; Růžička, M.: Uncertainty of estimated rainflow damage in stationary random loadings and in those stationary per partes, Applied Sciences, MDPI 2023.



A Matlab binary file is provided with the load records measured in the mountain bike.

  • The file has 63 columns in total.
  • The first column is the vector of time (in seconds) common to all load records
  • The other columns from 2 to 63 represent the stationary and non-stationary load record values measured on the bike normalized to zero mean and unit variance. Data comply with the acquisition described in Section 6.1.
  • Columns from 2 to 11 group the load records for Case M
  • Column 12 is the single load record for Case S
  • Columns from 13 to 42 collect the “validation” load records classified as stationary
  • The single non-stationary load record is placed in column 43
  • The remaining columns from 44 to 63 refer to the non-stationary “validation” load records.
  • For further details, contact Julian Marques


zipped Matlab binary, 136MB

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