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List of Known Bugs

This section was created in order to minimize impact of potential bugs found in PragTic. I work on the project alone, so it is relatively hard to find the right solution immediately and release a new compact version. Please, see this section before any critical computation, so that you could be sure, that it is not affected by any already known problem.

Reporting of a new bug is done in two steps. The bug itself is reported at first - this feature is enabled to any privileged user. The second step can be my response to it - either its confirmation only or an explanation of a way bypassing the problem. I also set the degree of severity, which should correspond to the following scale:

  • Minor: bugs in the interface above all or with a clear manifestation and easy bypass.
  • Medium: bugs with a clear manifestation possibly affecting the final computational results.
  • Substantial: bugs affecting final results of computation, which need not be easily detected; there still exists a way for bypassing the problem (e.g. use of some other computational criteria).
  • Critical: bugs significantly affecting final results of computation concerning basic schemes common to more computational methods with no easy way around.

Note: The critical bugs are reported by e-mail to all users, no matter what they set as a preferred option in the Notification system.

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