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PragTic Freeware Project

Final example processed in FEMAP

PragTic project is aimed at development of a freeware tool for an automated fatigue damage calculation based on a FE-solution or done at an isolated point with no relation to FEA. It started as a programming work intended to support the preparation of my PhD thesis. After completion of the thesis, the PragTic software remained in a state, which showed its possible highly efficient use, but also how many further improvements have to be done. Since I would not like to leave the program as is and let it be forgotten in two years, I am trying to continue in its development.
I would not spend so long time if I had not been persuaded that there are some substantial reasons for this my activity. Some of them can be found on Concept page or in the analysis available in this pdf file.

Fatigue Databases

Results of DFI for various groups

The use of PragTic allowed me generation of a vast amount of data that can help others to understand limits of current multiaxial high-cycle methods. The data are saved within a MySQL database FatLim, which in conjuction with the PhP language allows presentation of data in a quite interactive mode.
I do not know about any such a broad analysis of this problem and the results are apparently quite worse than those usually reported in research papers. It seems that the activity of researchers is too often impeded by two facts: (1) unavailability of some fatigue solver that would allow fast implementation of new methods and their efficient and quick testing (PragTic solves this problem nicely); (2) unavailability of experimental data for testing of new proposals.
I decided thus to expand my activity and constructed a more detailed FinLiv database, which includes whole fatigue curves (and not only fatigue limits) and different variants of specimens (even notched ones). The structure of FinLiv is still evolving so I will welcome any your ideas on this topic.

Fatigue Lounge

The Fatigue Lounge is understood as a place, where pieces of information concerning fatigue, fatigue postprocessors or users of this website can be found. I hope this becomes a lively space sometimes later, where the users will meet, talk, discuss fatigue topics or arrange new fatigue oriented projects.

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Fatigue Strength estimation via Machine Learning methods



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