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Long live Ukraine  

by jan
Personal Stuff - Feb 25, 2022

It should not be a business of me or of the fatigue community created around website. The website should be free of politics and politic opinions. But:
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." This thought is often attributed to E. Burke, but it seems it was first in a similar way formulated by Stuart Mill. website has been here over 15 years and there are its users from Ukraine and from Russia. I have pity for both groups. For Ukrainians who suffer now so terribly. And for Russians who let that terrible person rule them, and some of who even believe his lies about the threat coming from Ukraine. I would never believe that the shadows of the WWII, in which the Russian and Ukrainian nations suffered so much, could return.
Unfortunately, Mr Putin represents Russia and all Russians. His kind of thinking differs from the common European way. Europeans were handled with care for seventy years and the only war was in Yugoslavia. We do not want to suffer, and Putin is seizing his opportunity because of that. He laughs at the international law, he lies. Russia could be as Canada, which has similarly hostile wild parts, but which masters to flourish despite that. The fact that this did not come true is caused by its bad government, which finds the only way to take care of its citizens in expansion and in bringing down other nations unwilling to cooperate. Russians, awake! This is not the man who is protecting you. He let you and your children be killed in the war!

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