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1st Workshop on Thermodynamics of Fatigue Process

Meeting Schedule & Recordings

Note please that all times below correspond to CET (Central European Time) zone

14:00-14:10 Jan Papuga Welcome
14:10-14:30 Michael M. Khonsari Science of Degradation
14:30-15:00 Jia Huang Fatigue energy dissipation behavior and life prediction of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials
15:00-15:30 Giovanni Meneghetti Intrinsic dissipation and fatigue analysis of engineering materials and components
15:30-15:45 Coffee break Serve yourself :-)
15:45-16:15 Zhifeng Yan Fatigue Life Prediction of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy Based on Energy Analysis (The lecture was cancelled at last)
16:15-16:45 Lakshmana Rao & Noushad Bin Jamal Modeling Low Cycle Fatigue Life in Ti-6Al-4V alloy: A Unified Mechanics Theory -based Approach
16:45-17:05 Luca Santoro, Raffaella Sesana & Francesca Curà Dissipative and thermal aspects in additive-manufactured steel
17:05-17:25 Francesca Curà, Luca Corsaro & Raffaella Sesana Active thermography for residual stress characterisation in gears
17:25-18:00 Coffee break Serve yourself :-)
18:00-18:30 Cemal Basaran Fatigue Life Prediction without Curve-Fitting With Unified Mechanics Theory
18:30-19:00 Jan Papuga & Martin Matušů Dissimilar thermal response to cyclic loading of two metallic materials
19:00- Workshop participants Brainstorming what next

Further Details

The meeting schedule in pdf can be downloaded here., last update: June 14, 2023

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