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WCFA - Workshops on Computational Fatigue Analysis

The series of WCFA workshops was established originally to accompany the PragTic Users' Meetings - users' meetings were there to refer on the new development, on experience of users in using PragTic freeware, while the WCFA part was intended to bring along the information about new trends in fatigue analysis, guidelines, best practice, etc. After we were forced to abandon PragTic development in 2015, we decided not to wait till the situation gets clearer, and proceeded with organizing solely the WCFA part. COVID interrupted the annual frequency, but it also brought other interesting changes. Thus the first workshop after it ended - the second Vibration Fatigue Workshop in 2022 - got not only available via online access, but also recordings from all lectures were made and they are available for purchase.

Previous volumes with available recordings


WCFA2023-FKM NL on Non-Linear FKM-Guideline

The event lectured in the focused topic by Klemens Rother was prepared for the transition period from October to November 2023. The key topic concerned the new FKM-Guideline in its non-linear version, which should encompass both LCF and HCF domains, and which was still so fresh that we missed the English version in the moment it was held. As in the previous volume, the event combined the on-site and on-line attendance and also the recordings were be prepared.


WCFA2022-VFA on Vibration Fatigue Analysis

Apart from the traditional Introductory day, the workshop was lectures by the top-rated researchers in the vibration fatigue domain: Janko Slavič, Denis Benasciutti, Filippo Cianetti, Massimiliano Palmieri and Adam Niesłony. As noted above, it was not only transmitted online to the audience not able to come to Prague, but also recordings made from all lectures, and they are available for future use.

Previous volumes without records


WCFA2019-PHL on Paul Heuler's Lectures

This last pre-COVID event was focused on transferring the voluminous experience gathered by Paul Heuler during his years in which he lead the department on fatigue and failure analyses in Audi company.


WCFA2018-FKM on FKM-Guideline

This volume centered on the experience of Roland Rennert, who is now one of the leaders of the FKM-Guideline development - a German-based guideline which gathered and organized the East- and West-German development in fatigue life (and static) estimation.


WCFA2017-DFW on Design and Fatigue of Weldments

Exceptional in its four-days duration, this event led by Zuheir Barsoum, was started by the design recommendations for weldments, then the introductory fatigue analysis was done by our staff from the Czech Technical University in Prague, and Zuheir Barsoum continued with the fatigue part.


WCFA2016-VFA on Vibration Fatigue Analysis

This event was for the first time organized without PragTic Users' Meeting section. Based on the experience and the interest gained during managing the 3rd Variable Amplitude Conference in Prague in 2015, we chose the topic of vibration fatigue, for which we found the perfect lecturer Neil Bishop, who transformed his experience into his CAE Fatigue solver which was then transformed into the MSC Software product.



This was the last event where the PragTic Users's Meeting was joined together with a series of lecturers from many lecturers on various fatigue topics.



Only the schedule and photos are preserved from these early events. This was the only event, where the language of most lectures was chosen to be Czech.



The most notable remnants: The program and and photos



The most notable remnants: The program and and photos



Only photos survived, last update: June 12, 2024

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