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FME CTU in Prague

Workshop on Computational Fatigue Analysis 2008
The 2nd PragTic Users' Meeting

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You can download the time schedule as a pdf file here.

The participants of the WCFA'08 & PUM2 conference can download the presentations when logged in to the system.


  • Section 01 - Formation of fatigue cracks in the material
  • Section 02 - Fatigue research initiated
  • Section 03 - Fatigue damage
  • Section 04 - Other fatigue FEA post-processors
  • Section 05 - Traditional fatigue analysis
  • Section 06 - Some more complications you should be aware of
  • Section 07 - Fatigue life prediction by uniaxial fatigue analysis
  • Section 08 - Multiaxial fatigue
  • Section 09 - Fatigue analysis of welded joints
  • Section 10 - Fatigue analysis of welded joints - Applications
  • Section 11 - It's a free, free world - or
  • Section 12 - From PragTicA to FADO - (*.ppt) or (*.pdf)
  • Section 13 - PragTic - Use of finite element analysis data in fatigue analysis - (*.ppt) or (*.pdf)

Please note that the presentations were prepared in MS Powerpoint 2000. As far as I know MS Powerpoint newer than 2003 can have problems opening it. If you want to see it anyway, either download MS Powerpoint Viewer on microsoft site (it is for free) or use the pdf files above (without animations).

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Workshops on Computational Fatigue Analysis 2023 - FKM Guideline Non-Linear

1st Workshop on Thermodynamics of Fatigue Process

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