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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

announces holding of the

pyLife 2023 Workshop

CTU, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Room No. 17

Technická 4, Prague, Czech Republic

December 14-15, 2023


pyLife open-source fatigue solver


Some years ago, I had to abandon PragTic development. Focusing on fatigue life estimation methods, my team can not continue without finding some other way to proceed. We decided to choose an open-source tool the colleagues in Bosch are programming. pyLife package is written in Python, and its licensing clearly brings many advantages to me (or to any other institution which joins us):

  • my current and future students will not spend too much time in developing their own code parts;
  • they can proceed in building new functions on those implemented previously;
  • hopefully more research partners will join us in this effort, which opens new horizons for future cooperation out of home institution.

We asked our colleagues from Bosch - Johannes Mueller and Daniel Kreuter, whether they could prepare a first workshop explaining the content of pyLife, its near expected future, and the basic programming habits for this collaborative work to newcomers. Luckily, they agreed and here we are.

pyLife in Brief

pyLife is the standard OSS library for reliability and fatigue, developed by Bosch. Covering state-of-the-art methods, you can integrate pyLife into your SW framework (commercial or OSS). To ensure code quality, we embrace the disciplines of modern professional software development.

More infos pylife:

Workshop Format

After careful evaluation, we decided to offer the hybrid form of the workshop.

  1. We encourage the participants to come in person to Prague, Czechia. Only this will allow you to face the key current programmers of pyLife, and to discuss with them your specific goals.
  2. The meeting room and the content of the presentations will be also streamed on-line to those of you, who cannot so easily join us. Be warned that this format substantially minimizes the level of your potential interaction with the lecturers.
  3. Because of the on-line access, the stream will be also recorded, so that the workshop content could be accessed through recordings later on by those, who were not informed early enough, or location of whose is too complicated to join us on-line in our Central European time zone.

Attendance Fee

The participation in the workshop is for free.

As you do not have to pay anything for your participation, count with the need to find your accommodation and to pay for meals and drinks during your stay in the on-site variant.

Registration to the Workshop

Whether you want to join us on-site or on-line, you can do that only after writing to me. This is necessary to secure the place for all interested participants in the on-site variant, and to provide you the link to the stream if you have no other mean than to join us on-line.

Workshop Program

More detailed information about the programme can be found in the section Program. Note that the exact schedule can be modified in next few days, the dates and the time of the start of the workshop should stay valid however.

What you can expect from the workshop? We will discuss among others:

  • How to make use of pyLife in a Jupyter notebook
  • Playing with pyLife’s data model
  • How to write your own applications
  • How to write your own modules

Prerequisites for Hands on Participants

Used Language

English language is the official language of the lectures.

Further Details

If you wish to be informed about this workshop or other ones later on, but you are not sure you want to apply now, join our mail list.

Workshop Contacts


Tel.: +420 737 977 741 (Jan Papuga)

E-mail: and above, last update: December 20, 2023

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