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Czech Society for Mechanics

under auspices of the

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

announces holding of the

Workshop on Computational Fatigue Analysis 2023
FKM-Guideline Non-Linear

Karlovo náměstí 13, Prague 2 - Nové Město, Czech Republic

October 30 - November 1, 2023


WCFA2023 - FKM Guideline Non-Linear

Roland Rennert lectured the basic FKM-Guideline at the WCFA workshop in 2018. The full name of that referred guideline is FKM-Guideline Analytical Strength Assessment. It is a guideline of German provenience, which incorporated the guidelines developed in East Germany and West Germany into a single document. The guideline serves as a safe and sufficient approach to static and fatigue analyses of common engineering structures. This basic guideline mentioned above is intended for high-cycle fatigue applications with the mentioned limitation by 10,000 cycles upwards.

Though FKM innovates this document (the latest 7th edition was released in 2020), it developed alongside a new guideline that encompasses also the low-cycle fatigue issues. This new guideline was released in 2019 and the English version has not been prepared yet. It should be general to such a point that it covers both LCF and HCF domains. The offer of Klemens Rother that he could provide lectures on its complete content in English so that anybody could follow the guideline based on his set of lectures thus comes very welcomed as it allows us to popularize its content out of Germany as well.

His two-days lectures will be preceded as usually by a single day Introduction to Fatigue dealing with the basic fatigue life estimates for those who need to recall the fatigue analysis or who did not went through such a course at all.

Course Options

No prior knowledge on fatigue analysis is needed, if also the first day of the workshop is attended. The basic principles of the common fatigue damage estimation are described in the first day, to help the complete freshmen to get on board. The content lectured by Klemens Rotheris provided in next two days. To better fit to needs of participants and to their level of fatigue knowledge, several variants of the course are provided therefore:

October 30, 2023
M. Růžička, J. Papuga, M. Nesládek: Introduction to Fatigue V1 V3
October 31, 2023
K. Rother: FKM-Guideline Non-Linear, Part I V2
November 1, 2023
K. Rother: FKM-Guideline Non-Linear, Part II

More detailed information about the programme can be found in the section Program.

Used Language

English language is the official language of the lectures.

Conference Location

The meeting will be held at the building of the Czech Technical University in Prague on Karlovo náměstí (the same as in last four WCFA volumes). It can be convenietly accessed by a subway, because one of its exits on Karlovo náměstí station is directly at the edge of this building. You can access the map here.The room No. 215 in the second floor of the main building will host the workshop.

Attendance Fee

The fee is set in various versions to cover all potential needs of participants. The Early Bird rate is available to those who will pay before September 18, 2023, while Regular rate is for all participants who settle their payment afterwards. Members of the Czech Society for Mechanics pay 10% less from any of the aforementioned prices.

Based on good experience from the last WCFA volume, the attendance will be made possible both on-site and on-line. In addition to those two options, purchase of recorded lectures anytime after the workshop will be possible.

For the on-site version of the attendance, conference fee includes access to the lectures, printouts of the presentations, an attendance certificate, meals and drinks during lunches and coffee breaks. The accommodation costs are not included in it. The on-line version is delivered with the possibility to see the lectures in real time on-line, and also to interact during the moments the attendants are proposed to do so at the end of each block. The attendance certificate will be delivered in the electronic format.

Details concerning the conditions and the payment of the attendance fee are presented in the Payment section of the conference website.


You can register to the meeting in the Application section.

Further Details

If you wish to be informed about this workshop or other ones later on, but you are not sure you want to apply now, join our mail list.

Organizing Committee

Chairman: Jan Papuga,

Finances: Jitka Havlínová,

Conference Contacts


Tel.: +420 737 977 741 (Jan Papuga)

E-mail: and above, last update: November 13, 2023

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