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WCFA2022-VFA - Records of Lectures

The records cover whole lectures in one file per each day. The video is played in an embedded player in your internet browser. To see the content, you have to be registered to the workshop (the registration to the recordings is the only option available now, as the workshop was held in November 2022), and the payment for the recordings had to be delivered to the account of the CSM. Once both these steps are mastered successfully, you see the links to the videos below in individual sections whenever you are logged into the system.

This service will be kept available at least till the end of 2024. If it is terminated by that moment, the registered users will be informed via their registered e-mails, and a link for a download of the videos will be provided them.

Introduction to Fatigue

Vibration Fatigue Analysis, Part 1

  • This part is covered in variants: Vibration Fatigue Analysis (V2), Complete Course (V3).
  • Total size of the video: 6.80GB
  • Duration: 6 hours 35 minutes
  • Content: See the program
  • Lectured by: Janko Slavič, Denis Benasciutti
  • Link to the purchase (If you have already registered, either you are not logged in, or the payment has not been delivered to the CSM account yet).

Vibration Fatigue Analysis, Part 2, last update: December 29, 2022

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