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Available Packages

The fee is set in several versions, which can be paid either in EUR or in CZK. See also the Program section for clarification.

Participation Fees for WCFA22-VFAAttendance type
Course typeFee typeOn-site attendanceOn-line attendanceRecord from the workshop
V1 - Introduction to Fatigue:Early Bird:150 EUR / 3600 CZK100 EUR / 2400 CZK100 EUR / 2400 CZK
Regular:170 EUR / 4100 CZK125 EUR / 2700 CZK
V2 - Vibration Fatigue Analysis:Early Bird:440 EUR / 10500 CZK340 EUR / 8100 CZK250 EUR / 6100 CZK
Regular:500 EUR / 12000 CZK375 EUR / 9000 CZK
V3 - Complete Course:Early Bird:550 EUR / 13200 CZK410 EUR / 9900 CZK300 EUR / 7300 CZK
Regular:625 EUR / 15000 CZK460 EUR / 11000 CZK

General Rules

The Early Bird rate is available to those who will pay before September 26, 2022, the Regular rate is to paid in all cases after this deadline.

Members of the Czech Society for Mechanics pay 10% less from any of the aforementioned prices.

Written cancellations of participation sent by an e-mail to Jan Papuga is accepted not later than by October 14, 2022 with a service charge of 50 EUR applied in such cases.

After informing, a substitute can replace the registered participant, who cannot come, for no other additional cost. It is also possible to share some of the longer course variants among several employees who replace each other for a given time period - in such a case, please write their names for individual days to the message box during the application process. In cases of a late replacement, inform please Jan Papuga about such changes.

In case the rules imposed by the Czech government, or by the Czech Technical University in Prague (which provides the room for the lectures) will disable the workshop to be run in the on-site variant, the organizers will inform all participants who ordered the on-site variant, and the workshop will switch into the on-line mode entirely. The attendants are entitled to switch by themselves from the on-site variant to the on-line variant by announcing it to Jan Papuga not later than October 31, 2022. The difference in the price between the on-site and on-line variants will be returned to individual payers within one month from announcing the change in any case. The organizers will keep all attendants informed about any threat of such a change in rules as soon as possible.

The organizers are entitled to switch the mode of the presentations of individual lecturers from the on-site mode to the on-line mode. Such change is expected to occur only in the worst-case scenarios (a quarantine of the lecturer, his inability to cross the national borders, etc.). Note however that the part of the lecture on Dynamic FE Analysis given by Filippo Cianetti will be in the on-line form anyway, and it will be projected at the meeting room.

Record from the workshop: In case of this option, the access to the recorded lectures will be provided in the section Recordings. The videos available there can be played in the internet browser once the registered user is logged in. This service will be kept available at least till the end of 2024. If it is terminated by that moment, the registered users will be informed via their registered e-mails, and a link for a download of the videos will be provided them.

Covered Items

The items covered by individual variants of the attendance fee are shown in the following table. These items are covered within the days related to V1, V2 and V3 variants.

ItemAttendance type
Access to the recorded lecturesXXX
Access to the presentations in pdfXXX
Attendance certificateXX 
Real-time access to the workshopXX 
Interaction with lecturers during lecturesXX 
Interaction with participants and lecturers during breaksX  
Printouts of the presentationsX  
Access to the lectures on-siteX  
Lunches and drinks and meals during coffee breaksX  
Access to the social evening (Tuesday, November 15)X  

Payment Details

Participants are asked to register on the webpage Application first. A unique ID-number will be assigned to them during this procedure. This ID-number should be noted to the message cell by the bank transfer. If the applicant has already registered, he can find his/her ID-number on the same page after login.

For payments outside of the Czech Republic
IBAN:CZ90 0800 0000 0002 0743 2329
Message:2211XXXX (XXXX to be replaced by the ID-number assigned during the registration - e.g. 22110054 for the participant with ID=54)
For payments within the Czech Republic
Bank:Česká spořitelna, a.s., Praha 8
Account number:0207432329/0800
Variable symbol:2211XXXX (XXXX to be replaced by the ID-number assigned during the registration - e.g. 22110054 for the participant with ID=54)

Some users could need details on the company that arranges the meeting, so that they could satisfy the administration requirements of their companies. Here they are:

Name:Czech Society for Mechanics
Address:Dolejškova 5, 182 00, Prague 8, Czech Republic
VAT Registration No.:CZ00444766 (note that CSM is not a VAT payer), last update: December 29, 2022

Czech Society for Mechanics

FME   CTU in Prague





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