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Workshop on FKM Guideline on Strength Assessment


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Language / Jazyk: Cesky

WCFA'13 & PUM05

Details of Payment

The fee is set in two versions.

  • The Early Bird rate is available to all who will pay before September 6, 2013:
    • students - 130 EUR
    • other participants - 230 EUR
  • The regular rate is for all participants who settle their payment after September 6, 2013:
    • students - 150 EUR
    • other participants - 270 EUR

The fee covers a full board without breakfasts, which are a part of the accommodation price (i.e. not included), a CD-ROM with presentations, and workshop attendance.

Members of the Czech Society for Mechanics pay 10% less.

Written cancellations of participation can be accepted not later than by October 1, 2013. There will be a service charge of 50 EUR. After informing, a substitute can be sent for the registered participant, who cannot come. In case the binding order is cancelled after October 1, 2013, the cancellation fee 200 EUR will be charged.

Participants are asked to register on the webpage Application first. A unique ID-number will be assigned to them during this procedure. This ID-number should be noted to the message cell by the bank transfer. If the applicant has already registered, he can find his/her ID-number on the same page after login.

Payment Details
IBAN:CZ90 0800 0000 0002 0743 2329
Message:1310XXXX (XXXX to be replaced by the ID-number assigned during the registration)

Some users could need details on the company that arranges the meeting, so that they could satisfy the administration requirements of their companies. Here they are:

Name:Czech Society for Mechanics
Address:Dolejškova 5, 182 00, Prague 8, Czech Republic
VAT Registration No.:CZ00444766


The accommodation can be settled directly at the workshop location in hotel Rytířsko. The price offered to the participants is 450 CZK (less than 20 Euro) per night and one bed in rooms with 2-3 beds, including breakfast. As this price is lower than the common price, refer to the WCFA&PUM workshop while making your reservation.

If the hotel is full, you can find a lot of other hotels in 10 km vicinity - in Jihlava or Polná.

PragTic in Use Training Lessons

The attendance of the PragTic in Use Training Lessons is without any fee this year.

Accompanying persons

There is no special programme prepared for accompanying persons, though a broad offer of different leisure time activities can be found either directly in the hotel or nearby. For reserving the rooms or meals for accompanying persons, contact directly the hotel service., last update: September 23, 2013