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D&DT for Aircraft Engineers


Title PragTic


Language / Jazyk: Cesky

Number of participants: 81

Czech Society for Mechanics
in cooperation with
CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

cordially invite you to the course

Damage Tolerance - Methods & Applications

CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Mar 1, 2011 - May 5, 2011


  • Establishing of a first complete course on Damage Tolerance in the Czech Republic
  • Informing designers and analyst about this topic
  • Transfer of know-how and its application for the structural design from abroad to the Czech Republic
  • Gaining competitive advantage of Czech designers and analysts on the European market concerning aircraft structures
  • Meeting experts and specialists with this focus, exchange of experience, opinions
  • Getting the feedback from participants for preparing other similar courses

All participants will obtain a certificate about the course attendance with the explicit statment which topics they attended.

Program Topics

No.TopicStartLecturerNumber of hoursNumber of days
1IntroductionMar 1Jan Papuga, Milan Růžička51
2FatigueMar 2Jan Papuga, Milan Růžička51
3Fracture Mechanics and FractographyMar 16Jiří Kunz, Aleš Materna, Jan Siegl102
4Reliability & NDT MethodsMar 23Jiří Běhal, Marie Boháčová, Gejza Dohnal, Petr Kopřiva102
5Metallic StructuresApr 20Bianka Schmidt-Brandecker, Očenášek Vladivoj61
6Composites, Their AnalysesApr 27Bohuslav Cabrnoch, Radek Doubrava, Alastair Johnson61
7Composite StructuresApr 28Alastair Johnson, Roman Růžek61
8DT – knowledge integrating, practicingMay 4Hans-Jürgen Schmidt, Bianka Schmidt-Brandecker122

Detailed information on the individual topics will be subsequently published in the Program section.


Most of the lectures will be given at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU in Prague, Technicka 4, Dejvice, Prague 6, Czech Republic. More details on the localities will be provided in the Transport section.

Participant Fee

Not all attendants are expected to be interested in the complete content of the course. Therefore, several variants with reduced contents and payments were established:

VariantNumber of daysPrice in CZKPrice in CZK for CSM members

The members of the Czech Society for Mechanics pay 10% less for any variant. The payment covers the attendance, worksheets, lunches and coffee breaks. Details concerning the payments are provided in the Payment section of this website.

Official Language

The language in which the lectures ar given is the Czech language, but the English language will be used in the case of lectures realized by foreign lecturers. Because of that the good understanding to both languages is an essential precondition for attending.

How To Apply

The registration for the course is opened till February 21, 2011 in the Application section. Note please that the same deadline concerns also the participants fee delivery to the CSM account.

Organizing Committee

  • Expert Guarantee: Prog. Ing. Milan Růžička, CSc. - CTU in Prague -
  • Revising: Ing. Josef Řezníček - AERO Vodochody, a.s.
  • Accompanying Agenda: Ing. Aleš Hodr - CTU in Prague
  • Secretary: Ing. Jan Papuga, Ph.D. - CTU in Prague -
  • Economic agenda: Ing. Jitka Havlínová - CSM -

Programme Committee

  • Prof. Ing. Jiří Kunz, CSc. - FNSPE CTU in Prague
  • Prof. Ing. Antonín Píštěk, CSc. - IAE FME BUT
  • Dr. Ing. Roman Růžek - VZLÚ, a.s.
  • Prog. Ing. Milan Růžička, CSc. - FME CTU in Prague
  • Ing. Josef Řezníček - AERO Vodochody, a.s.


Website: The links to the newly provided information are available in the News section.

Tel.: +420 737 977 741 (Jan Papuga)

E-mail: or above, last update: 07-02-2011