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Title PragTic

D&DT 2014 Course

Transport to the Location

Hotel Rytířsko is located near D1 highway, several kilometers from Jihlava, the capital of region Vysočina.

Travel by car

Drive the D1 highway (Prague - Brno) and leave it at exit 119, direction Žďár nad Sázavou. The hotel is only 800 m away. The hotel disposes of 60 parking places observed by a camera system.

Travel by train or bus

The travel by train or bus from Brno and Prague to Jihlava takes approximately one and half hour. If necessary, the organizers can pick up more participants waiting at the bus/train station. You can find a connection that suits you on this website (can be switched to German or English).

Car sharing

We would like to keep our tradition of car sharing. If there is anybody going with an empty car and is willing to help please write us about the number of free places offered, the potential ascending places and important cities on the way to Considering the current attendance, we expect the main ascending places to be Prague, Brno, Pilsen. We thank everybody willing to help.

If you are interested in any offer in the following table, write us please to We expect that neither the person offering nor the person asking would object anything to reciprocal disclosure of the name, contact telephone and e-mail address.

Current offer:

Ascending placesSeats still freePartLeave to D&DTLeave from D&DT
Prague3Part 2November 11, 7:00---, last update: October 1, 2014